Jeff TenEyck November 13, 2015 Announcements

Hello there!

Welcome to the web portal for the Learn To Blog online support center!

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT A TICKET, please check our "Frequently Asked Questions" for INSTANT solutions to common questions and problems!! (please scroll farther down this page)

FOR DIRECT EMAIL SUPPORT (ALL) : support@learntoblog.com  (you do NOT need to register here with Zendesk)

LTB MEMBERS ONLY Private Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/learntoblog/

HELP WITH ULTIMATE BLOG DESIGN PACKAGES, email to:  clarke@learntoblog.com

IF YOU ARE NEW MEMBER and need immediate help  email to support@learntoblog.com  

Thanks for stopping in!!  We're proud to serve you in every way we can and as quickly and efficiently as we can!!
Much love and gratitude,
The Learn To Blog Support team




Jeff TenEyck November 13, 2015 LearnToBlog.com Frequently Asked Questions

Within moments of you registering for a monthly or lifetime membership, OR EVEN our 7 Day trial for $1,  our system generates a password for you and automatically sends out an email to the email address you used to register, which is also (your email address) your user name for logging in.  The address you need to get to the proper login window is


THAT URL IS ALSO in the email we send and can sometimes cause that email to end up in your spam folder, so PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM!!

Also within 15 or 20 minutes of that first email going out, our system also automatically sends you a 2nd email that's an "Invite" to join our LTB members only private Facebook mastermind group. This is the link in that email  https://www.facebook.com/groups/learntoblog/  and it can also sometimes end up in your spam folder depending on your personal email client and the spam filter settings. This is actually a VERY valuable and important part of your membership or trial, so BE SURE to get in the private group ASAP!!

STILL NEED HELP?  email directly to support@learntoblog.com